There are many reasons why people give to the New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation. Many give because they appreciate the collections and services that they use at their library. Or because they have loved the library since they were a child. Or because they recognize that the library is a vital resource for so many in their community.

A donation to the Libraries Foundation is an investment in your community

Our donors give because they know that libraries are accessible to everyone in their community, regardless of age, ability, or income. Libraries help New Brunswickers to access information, learn valuable skills, and lead richer lives. We want our library service to meet the Canadian national average for investing in public library collections – because we know how important great library collections are to our communities.

Our donors allow our libraries to offer a quality of service that would not be possible with government funding alone.

The New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation works in close collaboration with the New Brunswick Public Library Service. With a network of 63 libraries and an Electronic Library online, the public library service is well-positioned to support communities across the province. You can donate in support of all NB public libraries or the library of your choice.

Your donation is matched

Another reason to give to the New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation is that your donation is matched! The Province of New Brunswick will match the value of your cash or in-kind donation, effectively doubling the impact of your generosity.

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Donate today and support exemplary collections and services at New Brunswick’s public libraries!

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