Every day, children, adults and communities in New Brunswick benefit from our public library service. They are learning to read, improving their lives, and inspiring us to keep working hard to help them on their journeys. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.

She learned how to survive

JanDeMelloMeet a woman in Fredericton who relied on the library’s books about breast cancer to help her on her journey to recovery.

Jan DeMello turned to her public library when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jan borrowed books to learn more about her treatments. Later, during the healing process, she again borrowed books to help her move forward.

Having access to the variety of library resources that she did was incredibly important to Jan. Now, many years cancer-free, she is one of the library’s biggest supporters.

She learned to read in a new way

Read the letter that Yvette wrote to her library in Edmundston to thank the staff that helped her learn how to download and read eBooks on her tablet.

Translated from French
“I am sending you this small donation for the library in thanks for the extraordinary service that I have received from the girls who have helped me to learn how to use my Samsung tablet. I would like to thank you very much because you have girls who are truly patient, pleasant, always in good humour. My thanks to them. As an 84 year-old like myself, I did not believe that I could have learned that. I will never forget you. It has kept me from getting bored and it passes a day pleasantly for someone who lives alone.” – Yvette, Mgr. W.J. Conway Public Library in Edmundston

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