Double your gift!

We have exciting news!

We have received a $300,000 matching grant from the Province of New Brunswick! The Province is a long-time supporter of the Libraries Foundation and recognizes that our public libraries are a smart place to invest in literacy, life-long learning, and economic growth.

The Province has committed to help us in our work, but asked that we challenge our donors and partners to raise a matching amount of gifts worth $300,000 every year. That way every gift can have twice the impact on public library collections across New Brunswick!

This is an exciting opportunity to help our libraries offer more much-needed books and other resources to our communities. Every gift you make effectively has double the impact, meaning twice as many up-to-date books and other resources will be added to library shelves.

For every donation of cash or books and other library materials that are added to the collection, the Province will match the donation’s value dollar-for-dollar. When your gift is matched, the amount is used by the Libraries Foundation to help libraries across the province, and 100% of your initial donation goes toward the library or fund of your choice.

For example, a $100 donation in support of collections at your library is matched with another $100 that the Libraries Foundation will use to help libraries across the province.

Please, donate now and double your gift!

Gifts received up to $300,000 each year will be matched.